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Inflatable Water Toys

We mainly supply the commercial grade PVC tarpaulin material giant inflatable water toys, like water roller, inflatable water trampoline, walk on water ball, inflatable seesaw, inflatable water climbing wall, yatch inflatable slide, water floating slide etc. Any purchase requirements, welcome to contact us, over 10 years design and production team, factory direct price, service for all over the world customer.
  • inflatable water obstacle course

    New design inflatable big baller water game
    Size: custom
    Test your jumping ability by jumping on the Big Red Balls! Run and jump across these balls as best you can to make it to the...

  • free supreme slide

    Cheap inflatable free supreme water slide
    Size: 7.8*3.8*5m
    Quality and innovation are the cornerstones of the line. While each item can be used individually, the system is modular,...

  • Freefall Water Slide

    Freefall water slide for inflatable floating water playground
    Size: 5*2.3*3.2 or Customized
    The Freefall water slide packs maximum fun and excitement into an easily manageable...

  • Inflatable Dock Slide

    Commercial inflatable dock slide for fun
    Size: 5*5*1.3m
    Package(Aprx.):125*60*60cm, 94.5Kg
    pump 20*18*18cm,2kg
    Water mats and dock slides for sale are outrageously fun...

  • Inflatable Saturn

    Inflatable Water Saturn for Outdoor for sale
    Size: 3.5m diameters
    pump 20*15*22cm, 2kg
    For fun that's out of this world! Rock from side...

  • Inflatable Water Blob

    High quality inflatable water jumping bag
    Size: 4*2m, 6*3m or custom
    Package(Aprx.):4*2m 30*30*65cm,20kg
    We are profession produce Inflatable products. like Bubble balls,...

  • Floating Water Lounge Raft

    Giant cheap inflatable water Lounge
    Size: custom
    we mainly design, produce and export all kinds of commercial grade PVC inflatable product, if you want any design inflatable slide,...

  • Inflatable Water Mat

    Large popular inflatable water mat for fun
    Size: 5*2m or custom
    This is the inflatable mat that allows you to literally walk, run, or lounge on water.the mat...

  • Inflatable Water Rollers

    High quality PVC Inflatable Water Roller ball
    Size: custom
    Water Roller effectively avoid the hydrolysis of general TPU material and rapid oxidation.It is approved by European...

  • Inflatable Water Trampoline

    Come bounce on our fun inflatable water trampoline.Colors and configuration can be changed by the customer.Water trampoline will allow the user to jump higher and performs more like an actual...

  • Inflatable Water Volleyball

    Outdoor inflatable water volleyball for party
    Size: custom
    Water Volleyball Set is used in summer fun for kids truly amazing experience for family and children. This is best swimming...

  • Inflatable Water Wheel

    Commercial inflatable water wheel for sale
    Size: 6*5*0.6m pool, 2.4*2.4*2.6m wheel.
    Package(Aprx.):0.36cbm, 90kg
    The water wheel is designed for land, lakes, harbors, rivers...

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