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The Reason For The Poor Business Of Operating Amusement Equipment
May 23, 2018

In the course of operating amusement equipment, some amusement park operators feel that their business is worse than others, or even barely maintain a certain difficulty, this should do?

To stand out from the difficulties, you must first find out the cause of your predicament, and then adjust and improve to finally solve the problem. "It is a matter of knowledge, and the situation is not arrested." You are diligent in doing anything, not influenced by the limitations of the environment. The same in a playground operation, can not only see other people's business is good but do not see the other party for the sweat; even if others are better than their own position, at most the starting point is higher than their own, the impact of the environment is no bigger than their own diligence to pay.

Keep Amusement equipment tidy, do maintenance and overhaul on time, do some cards and promotional activities, increase publicity, will change the status quo. "Herd mentality is intolerable, unique account for Kumar". Don't see what others do and what they do, is not to say that others do not good, but to see why others do so, the good method of course to learn from, but at the same time the same place many peers are doing the same thing, if their own follow the others will be better than the results, it is clearly not, You only have to find a way to get better results. For example, other people are in the cards, this is a long-term promotional activities, must learn from. And such as price promotions do not follow suit, long-term downward formation of vicious competition, each operator can not earn a few money, the whole playground has to live worrying. Can be combined with the nearby shopping malls, the playground to do some cards to send shopping cards, shopping malls supermarket to do some shopping to send the playground monthly card or secondary cards and other activities have the desirable place.

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