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The Inflatable Castles Of Every Factory, They Seem To Be Different.
May 23, 2018

Material difference: The main impact of the material is the quality of inflatable castle, such as whether can withstand the wind and sun outdoors, can withstand a slight scratch, the surface is smooth enough and harmless. The difference in workmanship: Maybe some investors will say, yes, the same material does not mean that the finished product is the same, work is also able to open the gap between the important part of the product.

This is like making clothing, even if the fabric is the same, after different manufacturers design playing board, the final show is completely different from the two kinds of clothing, the price of natural is not the same. Research and development strength of the difference: in the rapid development of the present, not every manufacturer has the strength of research and development of new products, and not every manufacturer is willing to spend a high cost to develop and design new products. Whenever the development of new models or products, full of joy began to promote the time, no more than a long absence of manufacturers will appear imitation version, and more directly to steal the original pictures for their own publicity. But we need to know, imitation version can only be imitation version, and the original difference is more than 108,000, here also want to remind you, do not just look at the network picture on the list.

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