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Outdoor Operation Inflatable Castle Needs To Do Well Rain Prevention Measures
May 23, 2018

Long-term outdoor flow operation, it is best to pay attention to the weather conditions, to do a good job in advance to prevent rain protection measures.

Encounter lightning and heavy rain weather to shut down the power supply, stop business, time sufficient words will put the castle to prevent rain, time too late, also need to first put the motor to prevent the safety of the hidden trouble.

Inflatable castles take full account of the weather conditions that outdoor operations need to cope with, so the use of PVC cloth, production technology used in the glue and so have a certain ability to prevent rain, but the frequent rain or the life of the inflatable castle caused some negative effects, so outdoor operation or need to do a good job of rain prevention. If there is no time to put gas into the air bed rain also need not worry, with a large amount of water to wash away the rain can be, if the local oil stains, can also use some weak alkaline cleaning products, such as the family commonly used washing powder, detergent and so on, and finally dry can be collected.

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