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The Mobile Inflatable Water Park - Did You Take The Chance?
May 23, 2018

I. Policy OPPORTUNITIES Now that the old economic weakness is showing and the new economy relies on "Internet +", the structural polarization of China's economy is becoming obvious.

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Ⅱ, the growth of consumption opportunities The steady development of the national economy makes the income level of people increase continuously. The rise in income levels is accompanied by an increase in consumer demand.

The mature development of the tertiary industry and tourism has made people's consumption concept change, more and more people are willing to go swimming fitness surfing play water in the summer season.

Ⅲ, environmental opportunities With the enlargement of China's urbanization scale and the growth of industrial population, more and more rivers are polluted by different degrees, and there are fewer and less polluted rivers.

Mobile water park through a 6-8-hour cycle to filter water, so that swimming pool water clean and clean, to meet the needs of people swimming and playing water.

Ⅳ. Security Requirements Every summer, some children go to the river to hiking, the hidden danger of open water to make the drowning accident frequent.

Mobile water parks are generally equipped with lifeguards and special life-saving equipment, so that the probability of a drowning accident will be greatly reduced.

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