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Children Inflatable Castle FAQ
May 23, 2018

How long can an inflatable castle take? 

Under normal circumstances, inflatable castle can use 12.14 million people, that is, in a very hot business situation, the use of 3 years is no problem. Zhengzhou Wolong Castle used the first-class environmental protection net PVC as cloth, this material is very durable, the general wind and sun will not cause impact, very suitable for outdoor business use.

If you can do a good job in the operation of protection, such as the use of sunscreen in summer, etc., can also prolong the service life.

How to deal with a leak in the operation? 

After all, inflatable castle belongs to inflatable equipment, if the operation is scratched will easily appear leakage phenomenon.

There is no need to worry about this, a slight leak only need to check out the scratch, with glue and cloth bonding on it (Zhengzhou Wolong shipped when equipped with), if the scratch area is larger, unable to handle, directly back to the factory can be, the maintenance period, the factory is free maintenance.

Are there any issues to be aware of in the operation? 

Inflatable castle operation is relatively simple, but its fixed problem is not to relax, manufacturers in the design also have to take into account the problem of windy outdoor operation, windproof fixed have been strengthened. If the operator ignores, the castle's windproof performance will be greatly compromised, the safety of the equipment will also be reduced.

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