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What is the difference in the standard of making different types of swimming pools?
May 23, 2018

According to the environment can be divided into: indoor pool, outdoor pool, natural Chi Jiang, rivers, lakes, sea natural baths. According to the use of functional points, there are competition pool, there are auditorium, teaching pool, practice pool, entertainment pool, making waves, splashing, water slides, children's pool, medical rehabilitation pool. According to the sports items, there are swimming pool, diving pool general dive and high dive, water polo pool, diving tank.

According to the water depth of the pool is divided into shallow pool 1.35m below and deep pool 1.35m above. Depending on the use of the object can also be divided into the following types: Swimming pool: A formal swimming competition, professional or amateur training pool.

The plane size of the swimming pool is ≥21mx50m and the depth is 1.8m. The plane size of the international standard competition pool is 25mx50m, the depth ≥1.8m the Olympic Games and the world championships require dimensions. Plunge pool: Deep water, usually dedicated to a pool or a diving area. Standard plunge pool plane size for 21.5mx15m, water depth 3.5m―5m, there are diving platform and springboard.

Water polo competition pool is generally combined with swimming competition pool, the plane size is 33mx21m, water depth ≥1.8m. Synchronized swimming pool: Due to the small pool area, the compulsory exercises can be carried out in the diving pool, routines can be carried out in the swimming pools. The plane size is 30mx20m or 12mx12m, the water depth guarantees the ≥3m. Other parts ≥2.5m. Practice Pool: Also known as the pool of non-professional adults, flat shape size is not limited, depth 0.9m―1.35m above.

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