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The cause of the popularity of children's inflatable amusement equipment
May 23, 2018

Inflatable recreational facilities for children include inflatable battery car, inflatable castle, large inflatable trampoline, clear child inflatable beach pool, and other miscellaneous toys.

Inflatable Castle is a PVC folder network cloth and other textile materials as the main fabric, made of a variety of filler stuffed toys, inflatable battery with a handsome shape, soft, not afraid of extrusion, cleaning convenience, decorative strong, high security, wide use and so on. So the inflatable battery car is a good choice for children's inflatable toys, decorating houses and giving gifts. The cartoon version of the inflatable car also attracts children and adults, such as tanks, cars equipped with alarms, and so on. Although these toys are not cheap, especially inflatable castle toys sell very well.

Children inflatable Toy Castle High-tech appearance inflatable toys, such as sound, glowing large inflatable trampoline, inflatable toys and children can talk or do a series of interactive action toys are very popular. There are nearly 100 inflatable toys for children in the market, including automobiles, ships, airplanes and so on. Remote control car is 130-500 yuan, and remote control car about 150-400 yuan, and from 3400 to 16000 Yuan remote control aircraft range. The large inflatable trampoline PVC Clamp has replaced the net cloth and the ceramic metal, the wood, becomes the main manufacture material of the inflatable toy, because the PVC net cloth cost is low, facilitates the processing, relatively safe and light.

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