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How to design to make the water park unique
May 23, 2018

The so-called theme water park, is the water as the core carrier, depending on the water space of the aquatic park equipment, and given a specific cultural theme of the park. Theme water park compared to the general water park, has a clear and prominent theme positioning, integration of elements around the world, combined with local elements, in the landscaping, performance art, theme culture more prominent, the formation of a panoramic style of architectural construction art. At the same time, the function of more complex, the surrounding environment and business has a huge pull role.

The theme of this stage water park is not only entertainment space, but also a landscape and architectural art. Clear topic clue. Theme water park, as the name suggests, focus on the theme, "story-making and storytelling", to the story of the theme of the water park's overall planning and design.

By compiling the legendary story of Phoenix and three princesses, the theme of "Water", "Jungle" and "top of the mountain" was cleverly given to the three regions of Paradise, and "Phoenix" was integrated into the theme.

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