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How the water park should be operated
May 23, 2018

After confirming the intention, the investor or operator will contact the appropriate water park equipment manufacturer according to the investment budget, and let the factory release the site plan and the total price, then negotiate the manufacturing and installation cycle of the water park equipment.

In this case, the healthy child recommends that all major investors and operators should conduct on-site visits to the water park equipment manufacturer where conditions permit. At the same time to investigate the water park equipment manufacturers to provide other parks equipment running in accordance with the safety, environmental protection, and garden operating conditions, so we can go to the water park equipment manufacturers of manufacturing research and development capabilities and after-sales service.

In short, when choosing a water park equipment manufacturer, we can make full use of these goods by comparison. On the water park will be built, the promotion of water park, you can use wireless networks, such as micro-bo, micro-letter public number, community-spread QQ Group, joint well-known portal sites, BBS, blog report dissemination, media events can be carried out activities, joint promotions, tourism communities and local market cooperation.

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