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Interactive Play System

Model number:TL102
Accessories:speaker, spots, soccer panel
The IPS (Interactive PlaySystem) is the perfcet new attraction for your inflatable range, this Interactive play system based on the unique combe of light, sound and challenge game, test your reaction capacity and speed, not only suitable for kids, adult will also love to challengethis game.

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The IPSY interactive play system is very popular for inflatable games, bouncy castle etc. Tonle inflatables is the professional commercial inflatables manufactuer and supplier in China, we provide high quality and more better price for the whole set IPS playsystem equipment, we can also OEM the inflatable corner, bungee run, fun table, inflatable cones, vortex run games, bounce house etc with Interactive play system, all inflatable products can be customized any color, size, logo printing as you wish.

interactive play system.jpg

There are 10 spots, 1 score panel and 1 bluetooth speaker , the 10 spots also can be expandable up to 20 spots!  The spots are wirelessly connected to the soccer panel and bluetooth speaker to enable challenging games between players.

1.product composition:

Please double-check and check all the items you have received to avoid any omission.

The main components:scoreboard x 1pc / hand pads x 10pcs / sound system x 1pc / suitcase(contain charging system) x 1pc

other components: 12v power adapter kit x 1pc / hand pads cover x 10pcs / scoreboard pendant x 4pc


2. basic operation:

2.1 to start the hand pads and scoreboard

turn on the power switch of the scoreboard and hand pads.when the system is started(turning on the power switch about 20 seconds),the scoreboard and hand pads should be as shown in the above figure:except the No.1 hand pad flashes purple, the other 9 hand pads flash"Red,yellow,blue"three colors.

2.2 open the suitcase and connect it

2.3 the installation and use of APP

scan the QR code and download the APP.turn on Bluetooth function on the phone and APP.connect the host "Hitlit- CN - 000X", enter the game control interface press:

3. instructions:

game modes:

A:Red VS Blue battle    B:obstacle course  with ten hand pads    C:obstacle course with twenty hand pads

game rule:

the game design as the game between two teams(the red team and blues),the game started, the red team player touches on the color of its own light-up,touch 1 get 1 point.The blue team player touches on the color of its own light-up,touch 1 get 1 point.No points given for the touch on the yellow light-up pad.

4. charging instructions:

Please use the suitcase's charging system to charge the product.
5. note:

it is commended to use the speaker from the scoreboard within 8 meters to ensure the stability of the signal.

Details of Accessories:

serial number namepictureproduct sizea set of inclusive quantities
1suitcasekids adult play IPSY IPS interactive system for saleL560 X W460 X H270mm1
2scoreboardL438 X W296 X H34mm1
3hand piece190 X 45mm with diameter 10
4hand set240mm with diameter10
5soundL315 X W205 X H390mm1
6power adapter(large)kids adult play IPSY IPS interactive system for saleL105 X W45 X H30mm1
7power adapter(small)L70 X W30 X H60mm1
8hand charging cableone-to-two specifications5
9scoreboard charging cableone-to-one specifications1

This high quality IPS system suitable for the European and USA hire market, Tonle inflatables design and produce the different kinds of inflatable games, bouncy castle with this Interactive play system, provide very cheap factory directly price, 1 set MOQ and globe delivery service, welcome to contact us for new design inflatable IPS game, latest price and build long time cooperation.

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