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Inflatable Combo

Inflatable combo is the upgrade of bounce house, it mainly the bounce house with slide or water slide combo, it also can be designed with some small obstacle, inflatable pillar, basketball hoop, water pool, ball pond inside. So, except jump on the bouncy castle, inflatable combo own much fun elements for kids play inside. Buy the commercial bounce house slide inflatable combo, please contact Tonle inflatables Co.,ltd, we are the professional commercial inflatable bounce wholesaler in China.
  • Backyard combo bounce house

    5 in 1 Backyard Module combo inflatable bouncer
    Size: 5.4x4.5x3.8m
    Very hot sale bounce house and slide combo module, pink for grils, and yellow...

  • frozen

    Kids frozen theme inflatable castle
    Size: 5.5*5.8*4.5m
    Package(Aprx.):160kg, 0.6cbm
    A Frozen jumping castle hire will make your child’s dreams...

  • avenger

    Giant avenger bounce house for activity
    Size: 6*4*4m
    Package(Aprx.):110kg, 0.5cbm
    The Avenger crew are on break from saving the world and are in town and ready to show up at...

  • bounce house combo

    Popular pink A Frame backyard combo dream module inflatable bouncer
    Package(Aprx.):120kg, 0.5cbm
    The large interior jumping...

  • basketball theme

    Most popular basketball theme inflatabel bouncer combo
    This Sports Bounce House is an awesome addition to any party!It provides plenty of bouncing room, a slide, basketball hoop and is...

  • birthday party

    Happy birthday theme inflatable bouncer for children
    Size: 5.8*4.6*3.6m
    Package(Aprx.):135kg, 0.6cbm
    Want to make a deluxe statement at your next birthday celebration? Take a...

  • boot camo

    Camouflage military boot camp bootcamp theme inflatable bouncer
    Size: 4.5*4*4.5m
    Package(Aprx.):100kg, 0.5cbm
    we mainly design, produce and...

  • Bounce House and Slide

    Safely hot sale inflatable bounce house combo
    Size: 8.3*4.0*4.3m
    Package(Aprx.):110kg, 0.6cbm
    Inflatable Bounce House Combo features climb and slide fun with the bounce house....

  • bounce house water slide

    Princess castle theme inflatable bouncer
    Package(Aprx.):185kg, 0.7cbm
    Bounce House Slide Combo are perfect for any occasion including Birthday parties,...

  • circus

    Multiplay Circus Time inflatable bouncy castle with slide
    we mainly design, produce and export all kinds of commercial grade PVC inflatable...

  • dolphin bouncer

    Dynamite flipper Dolphin park theme inflatable bouncer, jumping castle
    Size:6 x 5.7 x 3.9m
    Come have some fun with Dolly the Dolphin and her friends! This...

  • ferris wheel

    Cheap party Indoor kids Ferris Wheel inflatable bouncer jumper
    we mainly design, produce and export all kinds of commercial grade PVC...

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